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Lydia 2017Lydia Poole

Lydia is Sue's daughter and a qualified nursery practitioner with an NVQ Level 3. After ten years spent following a career in acting, she has returned to Liverpool and her first love – children. Fortunately for us, she has always had a passionate interest in cooking and healthy eating so we were delighted when she decided she was going to settle here and take over the cooking in January. Her ethos is on the back of our menu, please read it and be aware that, as well as being really healthy, the food is absolutely delicious.

Lydia says "As of the start of 2016, Monkton went completely wholegrain, as I wouldn't eat anything white myself. They are simply empty calories without any nutritional value. So it's brown pasta, bread, flour and rice and we didn't have one complaint, in fact I think there is less waste! We did have two children from Oranges and Lemons who asked for 'more pasta please' when in fact they were eating brown rice....but they ate it and we can figure out the details later!

With everything I cook I use Rapeseed or Coconut oil depending on the dish, as I found these to be best due to their high smoke point and obvious health benefits. The main meals are now absolutely jam packed with vegetables. For most dishes I will start with a Mirepoix base (carrots, onions and celery cooked down) then for some, like the Chilli, I add peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn and finish with kidney beans – so much nutrition in there and, despite my worries  (especially with the Chilli), plates were cleared. It's been such a success and I'm so relieved.

For our Veggie children I use the same bases as the meat eaters, then just add some Quorn mince or Quorn chicken to theirs. Now I did initially meet with two of our Mums to discuss the changes to the menu and share ideas which was so helpful to me, (and a lovely morning playing with their little ones). One of them mentioned feeling that Quorn perhaps wasn't the best alternative. I ate Quorn during my years as a veggie so I had assumed it was pretty good, but if our Veggie parents would prefer me to keep to grains, pulses and lots of yummy vegetables I would be more than happy to do that.

Now, the devil, Sugar. I felt a little bit mean cutting out the refined sugar, but I truly think it's the root of health problems and I couldn't justify giving these tiny little people any of it. So it's gone, no more chocolate muffins or Jan's delicious crumbles....I'm so sorry kids!! Mean new chef. Instead I'm basing desserts around fruit and using honey or organic syrup to sweeten some dishes – although most don't actually need extra sweetness. Instead of ice cream or custard, more often than not the children have natural yoghurt or Alpro vanilla soya yoghurt. I think they actually eat better than I do.

Lots of Love,

Lydia xxx"

See our latest menu here.

Find out more about information about healthy eating and your child at the School Food Trust website. 


"Thank you to the lovely ladies (and men!) at Monkton, for looking after F...... over the past years. I have always felt that he is safe, secure and loved at Monkton, I would highly recommend the nursery to anyone. Apart from the obvious love and care you have given him, the development and behaviour you have instilled in him have been fantastic and have massively contributed to his lovely little personality. Both B.... and I will really miss bringing him in every week and having a giggle with everyone, it is such a lovely atmosphere and great team."

Parent 2015


Ian1Jim1Maintenance: Dr Ian Poole

Running repairs and maintenance on the building are attended to by Dr Ian Poole, the proprietor's husband. Ian is a retired teacher who holds an enhanced CRB check. Ian worked at Liverpool College as Head of Sixth Form for 27 years. 

Gardening: Jim Bligh

Jim Bligh has been the gardener at Monkton for the past seven years.  He previously lived opposite the nursery in Palmerston Road, and has maintained his weekly contact with us since moving house.  Not only does he keep the gardens bright, but he also maintains our hanging baskets. Jim holds a current DBS licence.

"We would like to thank you all for being a huge part of our lives for the past 6 years. You have loved our children like we do. C..... and R...."

Parent 2015

Disclosure and Barring Checks

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring checks are processed for all members of staff, and are regularly updated.