The management team take immense pride in the staff. Their knowledge, attitude towards our children and their loyalty are the backbone of our nursery. Monkton is a happy place to be and the stability of seeing the same familiar, smiling faces has a hugely positive effect on the emotional wellbeing and security of the children.

The staff at Monkton are carefully selected for being highly motivated, friendly, enthusiastic and professional in their approach, either holding or working towards qualifications in either NNEB or the NVQ Level 3 equivalent. Each individual is highly valued by the management and the nursery consequently benefits from a very low staff turnover. Most members of staff have worked at Monkton for over ten years, and many have over twenty years service!

All of our staff members have a current Paediatric First Aid certificate, which is renewed every 3 years.   We regularly access training, both internal and external, to ensure that all staff maintain and extend their skills. Having years of experience with many hundreds of children, the Early Years Practitioners are used to dealing with some of the more negative aspects of children's behaviour, and it is practice to discuss any worries or concerns over individual children. The staff work in a sensitive and positive manner with the children and their families.

They are here to help your child develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially, and a number of educational theories are taken into account in planning for this, such as those of Froebel, Montessori and Piaget, all of which acknowledge developmental progression in each aspect of the child's life. Staff are trained in the management of children, and provide them with a framework of acceptable behaviour. Children feel more secure when they are provided with firm boundaries. The love, affection and friendship felt by the staff toward the children is implicit in the individual attention and interaction which takes place every day.

Disclosure and Barring Checks

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring checks are processed for all members of staff, and are regularly updated.

Nursery Manager: Noreen McGowan

Noreen1Noreen joined Monkton as Nursery Manager in October 2013 after a variety of careers which took her from retail to Education, back through self-employment to Secondary Education and along to us in the Early Years.

Having very artistic interests and skills, it is no surprise that at one time Noreen ran her own flower shop, "Pollen", and has also advised on clothing at the high end of the range at Jaeger. With a Joint Honours degree in French and English, she is already able to support the learning of some of our bilingual children and to extend the activities we offer in the teaching of French with the 3 – 5 year olds.

Noreen has two married sons, one of whom, Daniel, lives in Dubai with his family, and the other, Adam, is married to Sue's elder daughter, Eve. It is not entirely a coincidence that Noreen joined Monkton just a year before her (and Sue's) grandchild, Baxter joined nursery. We promise we show no favouritism!

Nursery Manager: Eve McGowan

EveEve joined Monkton in 2017.  She is Sue’s daughter and she has a background in law having qualified as a solicitor in 2008, specialising in Family Law.  Eve felt following her 2nd maternity leave that she would like a change of career and this coincided with Noreen and Sue both wanting to reduce their hours = a perfect solution!  She has been responsible for the office administration and has been lucky enough to work at Monkton whilst her two lovely boys have attended.  She is now commencing her Early Years Teaching Qualification as she has enjoyed learning more about Early Years and would want to be more heavily involved with the practice planning for the future.

The leadership and management are exceptional. Leaders and managers foster a culture of evaluative practice, which is extremely well embedded and recognises the value of parents' contributions.