ConstructionIt is our intention that, through the caring attitude of the staff, all children will gain an understanding and empathy for others, an asset to all beliefs. Our interest themes encourage children to develop sensitivity toward all living things, and to express their emotions appropriately. Children participate in feeding and caring for our goldfish, learning of their needs and habits. We learn and sing the hymns of other faiths, and share many varied religious festivals with the children. Grace is said before all meals. If any parents are willing to share elements of their own faith with the children at Monkton, we are always grateful for their participation. Children progress through rooms according to age, but also to their stage of development and individual needs.

Children flourish in the highly nurturing environment and develop an excellent sense of belonging. Staff expertly support children's emotional well-being while playing alongside them. They support them to settle into the nursery with compassion and reassurance.

Ofsted - January 2019