Once your child has shown a positive interest in the printed word, he or she will progress through a series of pre-reading activities, to ensure his or her readiness for the next, more formal stage of reading. Preparatory reading schemes are introduced if your child reaches a stage of readiness, and children find the animal characters in these stories fun to get to know. But children will not, however, learn to read until they are ready, and this stage will be different for each child. Skill in pencil work, colouring within boundaries etc, indicates a control which will lead to letter formation. After completing writing patterns, the children proceed to writing over letters and joining dots, until they can copy, and then write, their name. The pride which children show with this achievement is immense, and they are soon copying writing eagerly. We also ensure that each letter is formed correctly, and encourage parents when helping their child to use lower case letters, and the correct letter formation. The BBC French scheme, "Muzzy", introduces a foreign language to the children and is followed as an activity after lunch, when short stories and games are presented through a DVD series. Monkton's reputation for supporting children with English as an additional language has inspired parents from Europe and South America to seek our care for their children.

Older children read and write as appropriate for their stage of development.

Staff show genuine enthusiasm when listening to children's stories, which means that children are consistently motivated and enthusiastic to learn.