Early Years Foundation Stage

Drawing FruitOur aim is to provide a structured daily routine where every child feels secure, confident and valued. We are proud of our warm, happy family atmosphere, and how we introduce the children to learning through play, without pressure. Children explore our resources at their own pace in a stimulating environment which encourages natural curiosity. A wide variety of activities offered daily, such as art and craft, music, singing, drama, movement, early sciences, water and sand play.

The staff within Oranges and Lemons create lively and interesting 'themes' for each week, around which all activities are based. Planning and activities focus upon the interests of the child, and are predominantly child led. When you visit the nursery, our full time teacher, Jane, will explain to you the Early Years Foundation Stage. Each day, children will experience learning in seven areas: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Knowledge and Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Detailed plans of work are recorded and parents are very welcome to share these with us and perhaps contribute their own suggestions for activities. All of the children have time to play in the grounds, and the nursery provides weatherproof clothing for outdoor experiences in the rain and snow! In the summer months a huge variety of activities are conducted outside.

Monkton is one of the very few nurseries in Liverpool to benefit from the presence of qualified teachers. In the last Ofsted report, Monkton received high commendation for the standard of educational provision offered to the preschool age range, with all judgements being "Outstanding". With Noreen joining Monkton in 2013, the nursery now has 3 Qualified Teachers leading practice for the children of all ages.

The staff are inspirational in how they encouurage children to be imaginative and make connections in their thinking.


Outdoors1Each day children will experience learning in six areas:

Regular observations and assessments are completed for each child, to ensure that he or she is developing in each sphere, and to check any problems which they may encounter. All this information, including photographs These "Learning Journeys" belong to our parents and can be seen at any time. They are strictly confidential, and would be forwarded to prospective schools only at the parent's request. The completed record is given to the parent when the child leaves to go to school.

"Thank you so much for caring so well for J..... during his time with you, I'm certain that the guidance, support and fun that he had with you has helped him become much more confident and self-assured. Most of all though I know he was very happy at Monkton and for that I am so grateful to you all, Lots of love, F....... and M..."

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