The Family Story

Both of Sue and Ian's daughters have now joined the nursery in a Management capacity, with a view to Sue retiring in the summer of 2018. Lydia has been part of the nursery for most of her life, qualifying to NVQ 3 before going to college, and working at Monkton during holidays while she completed her degree. She also worked at different nurseries in London while she was an actress. Despite having great fun and success in roles on television, at Bristol Old Vic and a year in New York, she wanted to return to Liverpool, find a husband (success! She found Daniel and they married in October 2017), and settle down. Her skills in cooking are self-taught as she has always been a "foodie" and worked in many prestigious restaurants in London before coming home.

Eve studied Classics at Kings, London then took a Master's Degree in Bristol before converting to Law fifteen years ago. She has been working in Liverpool as a Child Protection Lawyer ever since, becoming one of the few specialists outside London to be qualified in Child Abduction Law. Despite the challenge of the job, Eve wants more time to spend with her sons, a little less stress and heartache, and is excited to take Monkton forward in the next steps. For the foreseeable future, Eve will share the "Document" based role in the office with Noreen, who also wants to step back from full time work and spend more time at home with her partner Chris and the dogs, Bonnie and Fleur.

Monkton is a true "Family" business, as Noreen is mother in law to Eve, and therefore is Nanna to Baxter and Wilson who already attend nursery. Margaret Hill now looks after Baxter as she looked after Lydia so many years ago.... Both Helen and Margaret Carter also used to babysit for Eve and Lydia when they were small, so we already have strong bonds of love between all of the girls.