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"Thank you to my Nursery Mummies, the wonderful girls of Monkton, from the bottom of our hearts, for loving L... and teaching her so much. We couldn't have wished for a more caring and nurturing environment for her. S... and J..."

Parent 2015

The management team take immense pride in the staff. Their knowledge, attitude towards our children and their loyalty are the backbone of our nursery. Monkton is a happy place to be and the stability of seeing the same familiar, smiling faces has a hugely positive effect on the emotional wellbeing and security of the children.

The staff at Monkton are carefully selected for being highly motivated, friendly, enthusiastic and professional in their approach, either holding or working towards qualifications in either NNEB or the NVQ Level 3 equivalent. Each individual is highly valued by the management and the nursery consequently benefits from a very low staff turnover. Most members of staff have worked at Monkton for over ten years, and many have over twenty years service!

We have 20 staff members with a current Paediatric First Aid certificate, and we regularly access training, both internal and external, to ensure that all staff maintain and extend their skills. Having years of experience with many hundreds of children, the Early Years Practitioners are used to dealing with some of the more negative aspects of children's behaviour, and it is practice to discuss any worries or concerns over individual children. The staff work in a sensitive and positive manner with the children and their families.

They are here to help your child develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially, and a number of educational theories are taken into account in planning for this, such as those of Froebel, Montessori and Piaget, all of which acknowledge developmental progression in each aspect of the child's life. Staff are trained in the management of children, and provide them with a framework of acceptable behaviour. Children feel more secure when they are provided with firm boundaries. The love, affection and friendship felt by the staff toward the children is implicit in the individual attention and interaction which takes place every day.


AppleThe Apples room is the first experience of nursery for many children. A safe place to explore, where lots of hugs and physical affection create strong relationships between nurses and 'their' children. In this room they will start to experience group singing, dancing, finger rhymes and regular story times to encourage concentration. Toys and activities are frequently changed in order to provide constant stimulation and variety, whilst daily art and messy exploration activities extend the children's experiences of texture. Early applications should be made for this room, as many children are registered before their birth!



bananasBananas is a purpose built room, completed in Summer 2016 as part of our extension. The area is light, bright and airy and is capable of being sectioned off to allow different activities to take place at the same time. It has also given us a glass-roofed outside play area which allows free-flow activity from the room and is readily available for the other rooms to use.

When children progress to Bananas, they will learn to identify colours, shapes, and to enjoy books. Activities such as threading and colour sorting, peg jigsaws, construction bricks and counting games are ongoing, together with the larger play equipment, farms, fire stations, and the Home Corner. Whilst they are in this room, children will be introduced to the potty training routine, and they will be taught bathroom hygiene and independence in self-care. 'Birth to Three' helps to plan a day which encourages younger children to develop across four areas; the healthy child, the strong child, the skilful communicator and the competent learner. The theme based work of the older children is adapted for this age group in different areas of knowledge, number and alphabet. Children will experience various paint techniques, sand and water play. Their developmental progress will be monitored by their key worker alongside the 2 year progress check in consultation with parents.


cherriesCherries is a natural progression from Apples. Our babies are beginning to move onto the next stage when, as well as enjoying the care, hugs and fun of their first room, they are starting to show a greater sense of adventure, a need to explore and the start of the social connections which turn into friendships as they progress through nursery. They will build on the activities they started in Apples; using different materials to mark make, exploring sand and water and joining in with and starting to dance to stories, songs and music, some which are familiar and others which will become familiar. Their grasp of hand/eye co-ordination will become stronger and the garden will provide plenty of opportunities to develop physical abilities while they are having fun in the fresh air. The children are encouraged and supported throughout the day. They are talked to and listened to; they are helped and encouraged in their journey towards independence, learning to wash their own hands and faces, and showing growing pride in their ability to feed themselves. A developing empathy towards others is strongly encouraged with an emphasis on turn taking and sharing and the boundaries that are in place, with encouragement and support, help to make good behaviour the norm.

Oranges & Lemons

oranandlemIn the pre-school rooms our children are encouraged to become independent, ready for a smooth transition to school. We follow the EYFS based on observations which inform our assessments of each child. The Key worker system is essential in order to build good relationships in loco parentis.

We have rich resources both inside and outside which promote exploration, experimentation, designing and discovery. Social interaction is key to forming friendships and behaviours which will help to build new relationships in the future.

Our ethos embraces all aspects of gender, culture and racial origin. In Monkton we celebrate difference.

Mark making is provided in all areas, and we believe that children are motivated by real reasons to read and write. Books are available everywhere, and stories are widely read and enjoyed by our children, as are rhymes and phonic games. We want our children to enjoy and have a real appetite for learning.

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